Meet Que Onda Vos

What inspired you to launch Que Onda Vos?

I woke up one day with this clear thought in my mind that I wanted to give more meaning to my work in a social way. 

I travelled to Guatemala for a month to get an idea of the culture and their weaving traditions and I fell in love with their work. 

Most of the women in Guatemala still wear their traditional clothing, woven by hand on the backstraploom or the footloom. 

In each region they use different techniques, different designs and different colors. 

Each design has its own history and has grown from their past. Their designs and their stories are very inspiring to me. 

A year later, I founded QUE ONDA VOS, a design label from Antwerp, but based in the heart of Guatemala. 

What does Que Onda Vos mean? And, what was the inspiration behind naming the company such?

QUE ONDA VOS is Guatemalan street slang for 'Yo, what's up?'. 

If you visit Guatemala you'll hear it everywhere you go, a warm way of greeting each other! 

Can you tell me a little about your design process from the first idea to completion of a piece?

The designs are a reflection of my lifestyle, living and constant moving between different cultures and different realities. 

They are also a result of the dialogue, co-operation and interaction between these cultures. 

I design a product, they will make their interpretation, and I will answer again to their interpretation and so on till we have a final perfect result of our dialogue. 


Telma, mother of the family, combing and preparing the wool for spinning. 

The wool is prepared for the loom.

Luis and Hair, father and son weaving one of the Que Onda Vos carpets.