Meet Iconic Factory 76

What inspired you to launch Iconic Factory 76? 

Iconic Factory 76 presents lifestyle objects with a soul, combining authentic materials with contemporary design. These values are very important to me: aesthetics combined with authenticity & sustainability. 

How did you find the artisans who make your products? 

When on holiday, I love to stroll around the streets, to discover nice objects, made by local artisans and fitting in the European lifestyle. I was lucky to meet this professional and reliable salesman on the market place which lead me to the best artisans.

Where do you find inspiration for your slogans?  

The slogans make or break the success of the handwoven baskets.:lo; They represent the added value. I wanted them to evoke a summer feeling with a touch of humour. Not too serious. I consulted a good friend of mine. She came up with the best ideas! I also organized a personalization action which allowed my clients to come up with their own slogans. The results was very inspiring, for example "#dreams inside"