When in Antwerp, Visit the AUGUST

A former Augustinian convent becomes a modern-day sanctuary that embodies its sacred soul while charming one and all with modernist touches in every intricate detail. A hotel, restaurant, bar, wellness, shop and gardens; all located in the vibrant city of Antwerp. (The AUGUST, Jules Bordetstraat 5, 2018 Antwerp, Belgium)

NEW Passe-partout tableware by Vincent Van Duysen for The AUGUST

The new hospitality project at the former military hospital site will open its doors in April 2019 and includes a hotel, restaurant, bar, wellness, and shop designed by Vincent Van Duysen. When he met with the Serax team to discuss the production of the hotel tableware in 2017, they immediately saw eye to eye. Just one year later, the collaboration has resulted in an extensive collection for both professional and home use.

“The name Passe-partout actually says it all: this collection fits everywhere, in every setting.” - Vincent Van Duysen

The past is reflected in many aspects of this collection. Glasses that are vaguely reminiscent of medieval chalices, and carafes of different sizes that make any bottle on the table superfluous. With the porcelain tableware, countless visual effects can be created by stacking or by playing with the contrasting white and black exterior colors. The cutlery and wooden accessories also follow the blueprint Vincent Van Duysen had in mind for Passe-partout: no-nonsense, a tad nostalgic, while at the same time very contemporary.

The wooden items:

The clean lines of the traditional wooden objects follow the architecture of the monastery that was the inspiration for the Passe-partout collection. Archaic and traditional, but with a contemporary twist. The trays, bowls, breadboards, coasters, and the butter knife are made of carbonized ash wood, painted black and treated with a mat oil. This modern finish gives the items a timeless look. Thus, they can be used anytime, anywhere. In addition, the color contrast with the Passe-partout tableware ensures the perfect finishing touch.

Porcelain tableware:

The porcelain Passe-partout tableware does justice to its name. The straightforward, neutral design and the ingenious raised edges of the plates and bowls allow you to make countless combinations. With each new combination, you can create a different atmosphere. Sometimes traditional, sometimes modern. But the off-white glazed inside and the mat white or black finish on the outside always ensure a special contrast. The coffee and tea service completes the collection in the designer's typical clear-cut style.

Glasses and carafes:

The unique Passe-partout glasses and carafes come in all shapes and sizes, effortlessly linking the past to the present. The intriguing chalice shape makes the atmosphere of a medieval monastery almost tangible. But even when you prefer drinking from a classic-shaped glass, you will find something to your liking: from wine to champagne and from water to spirits, for each drink there is a glass and a matching carafe to serve it. The potassium glasses and the borosilicate glass of some of the carafes make them highly durable. Therefore, they are ideal for the hospitality industry as well as for home use.


The Passe-partout collection by Vincent Van Duysen for Serax is all about simplicity and rounded shapes. The Belgian architect-designer has also extended this to the cutlery. A classic design with a modern touch. The indestructible stainless steel with a mat finish makes the table and dessert knives, forks and spoons look timeless. In short, they are the perfect addition to the Passe-partout tableware collection.

Contact the Belgian House for tableware, wood items, glasses, carafes and cutlery:
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